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 Currently, we can only supply full track loads of Robinia playground poles.We do not hold any stock in the UK.

Email: aatimber@mail.com

  1. Robinia Playrounds Poles Posts Hardwood
    Playground Robinia Poles/Posts
    Minimum order is a full track load(25-26m3)Up to 6m long.3-4 weeks delivery time.They are either only debarked or additionally planed and sanded to remove the sapwood.
  2. Hardwood Vineyard Fencing Posts Poles Stakes
    Hardwood Robinia Poles/Posts
    Naturally grown,untreated,pointed hardwood poles. Length: between 1000 mm and 2500 mm.Diameter:50-250mm.Perfect for fencing,vineyards,tree supporting.
  3. Hardwood Vineyard Fencing Posts Stakes Poles
    Hand Split Robinia Posts/Stakes
    Untreated hardwood stakes,manufactured from raw acacia timber by lengthwise splittings to produce quarters or sixths.Perfect for fencing,vineyards,fruit plantations.Up to 2.5 m long.
  4.  Hardwood Stakes Pegs
    Sawn Hardwood Robinia Stakes and Pegs
    Untreated hardwood robinia stakes.Length: 500- 2100 mm. Cross section profile: 25 by 25 mm and 32 by 32 mm.
  5. Sawn Hardwood Robinia Vineyard Fencing Stakes Posts Poles
    Sawn Hardwood Robinia Stakes/Posts
    Untreated,natural hardwood stakes. Length from 0.60-2.50 m.
  6. Hardwood Stakes Poles Vineyard Posts Fencing
    Planed Hardwood Robinia Stakes/Posts
    Untreated hardwood stakes, being lengthwise split to produce quarters or sixths they are additionally planed. Length from 0.60-2.50 m.
  7. Hardwood Decking Robinia Boards
    Hardwood Robinia Decking Boards
    Grooved or smooth. 90x21x3000 mm 110x21x3000 120x21x3000 Kiln dried to 10-12%moisture hardwood decking boards.They can also be steamed for a darker color. Untreated natural product,very durable.
  8. Hardwood  Decking Tile Robinia
    Hardwood Robinia Decking Tiles(Squares)
    Made from kiln dried,untreated,hardwood acacia decking boards. 500x…500 mm and 300x…300 mm- 42 mm thickness
  9. Handmade Hardwood Planters
    Handmade Hardwood Robinia Planters
    Hardwood planters handmade from high quality timber and processed with top quality varnish, UV impregnate, making them suitable for indoors or for outdoors
  10. Beams Laminated Hardwood
    Robinia Beams(Laminated)
    Made from full size glued robinia staves.Up to 3m long.80x80mm,80x100,100x100
  11. Solid Parquet Flooring
    Robinia Logs
    Fresh cut robinia logs.
  12. Solid Ash Parquet Flooring
    Oak Logs
    Fresh cut oak logs.
  13. Hardwood Oak Decking Boards
    Oak Decking Boards
    Untreated ,kiln dried.They are either grooved or smooth finished. Dimensions: 90-145x20x100-3000 mm
  14. Robinia Boards Planks Sleepers
    Robinia Boards(Planks) and Sleepers
    Various sizes on your request.
  15. Sawn Oak Timber Beams Boards
    Oak Timber
    Our oak beams and boards are sourced directly from hand picked saw mills and as such they are of the highest quality.We supply different sizes and grades depending on customers requirements.
  16.  Beech Timber Details
    Beech Timber and Details
    Various dimensions on customers request.Steamed or not.Kiln dried,square edged and PAR.

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